Domestic Screenings

10 19th, 2013

Thank you for your interest in screening the film within Japan. We have partnered with United People to help bring this film to you in Japan.

Community Screening Process

Fill out an application with our distributor United Peoples(Undecided about the screening date? No problem)
We will send you an invoice
Make a payment (In advanced)
DVD and Flyers will be delivered to you
Promotion (We can help promote this or if you prefer not please let us know)

If you are interested in watching a preview of the film, please let us know.
The preview is only for those who are planning a screening and a maximum of there people.
If a large group views the preview, it will be considered a screening and a fee will be issued.

Rental fee:
Minimally 30,000yen (60 or less viewers) and additional 500yen per person for larger crowds.
Postage fee is 500yen.

Promotional Materials:
100 flyers for 800 yen
There is a blank space to put the screening info on the backside of the flyer.

Please contact our distribution partner United Peoples at or fill out application here!