A typical day at the office…

August 20th, 2011

A few weeks ago, we tweeted that we were now working on the film full time out of our office space. While we still have part-time jobs (to make ends meet) it’s very exciting to be able to work on this film on a daily basis and have a beautiful space to do it. We are grateful to our friend and film supporter Ken who offered up his spare guest room in house. Thank you Ken!

As the number of shoot dates for the film dwindle down, Lara and I have begun to edit the individual stories separately. Once their near completion, our plan is into interweave the stories together.

Here’s Lara working away on the editing the Oi’s story.

Megumi is working on Sophia’s story.

We are also grateful to our friend Gail for donating her old mac laptop for our volunteers/interns to work on.

We asked Sara to share her experience of working with us:

Just nearly a year ago I stumbled across the ‘Hafu Film project’ when I saw someone ‘Liked’ the film’s page on Facebook. So what if I wasn’t on Facebook that dayWhat if I didn’t see that update in the newsfeed?………Would I be here?

I pondered this as I sat in the Hafu film office watching Megumi and Lara work away on their Mac computers.

I spent just over 2weeks in the Tokyo office. Having time off work allowed me to spend my summer in Tokyo where I got to see how much work goes into making this monstrous film. Exhibit A, Transcribing: A 20minute interview piece took me nearly 2hours to complete. For someone with Mac fingers, it probably takes less time. But my clumsy PC fingers kept pushing this button that magically erased all my work. Mac, you’re too smart for me.

I felt pretty special being involved in all this behind the scene action. Seeing never seen footage and interviews, watching Megumi and Lara chopping and piecing shots together as they edited the film. I spent so much time watching Sophia on film, it started to feel like she was one of my buddies. I think if I met her in real life, I might creep her out a little (note to self, don’t creep her out). It’s amazing how much work these girls are putting in but also it’s amazing to see all these other people giving support in many different forms.

The office space which is generously lent by Hafu film supporter Ken is situated in beautiful Kichijoji. The area is bustling with cute little cafes, loads of restaurants and countless amount of ‘Ethnic’ shops (One can never have too many ponchos or wind chimes apparently) Everyday we walked through the park to go get our lunch fix. Leaving my stomach a whole lot heavier but my wallet a whole lot lighter. But it was so much fun spending time with the girls and I’m jealous of them that they get to work in such a beautiful area.

Thank you Megumi and Lara for accommodating me in Tokyo and letting me work in the office. I will miss the good times working on the film, eating yoghurt, complaining about the heat and talking about boys. Good luck with the film!