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Films on the mixed experience

Doubles (1995)

Found in Translation

One Big Hapa Family

Mixed Match

Neither Here Nor There


“Half is Whole” by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

“Hybrid Identites and Adolescent Girls: Being ‘half’ in Japan” by Laurel Kamada

“Call Me Okaasan: Adventures in Multicultural Mothering” by Suzanne Kamata

“Multicultural Encounters: Case Narratives from a Counseling Practice” by Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu

“Orchards” (Young Adult Fiction) by Holly Thompson

“Japan’s Diversity Dilemmas: Ethnicity, Citizenship, and Education” Edited by Soo im Lee, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu and Harumi Befu

“Multi-Ethinic Japan” by John Lie