Hanami meet and greet

March 30th, 2010

Hey everyone-

We are planning a causal meet and greet hanami style this Sunday April 4 in Yoyogi Koen in conjunction with the Hapa Japan hanami event. Please feel free to stop by at any point and introduce yourself. If you are interested in getting involved, we’ll be happy to talk about both the film project and Marcia Yumi Lise’s Hafu Japanese photo/research project. Otherwise, let’s just enjoy the arrival of spring!

Here are the details:

April 4 (Sunday)

Noon until 4pm

Yoyogi Koen

Contact: Megumi 080-4334-6486

Directions to the spot:

  1. Enter Yoyogi Koen from the Harajuku Station
  2. Walk 300meters or so along the path and under the white arch.
  3. Walk towards the left, and pass the bathrooms
  4. You will see a large garbage box. Turn left at the crossroad
  5. About 50 meters ahead there will be a green sheet

As this is in conjunction with the Hapa Japan hanami event, there will be many hafus/hapas so it will be hard to miss! Looking forward to seeing you there.