Loving Day Tokyo: Picnic at Yoyogi

June 24th, 2011

Celebrating Loving Day with Hafu Project member and volunteers!

Advisor Marcia and Director Lara

Megumi and Lara with Noriko, Ronnie, John and Emi

David's friend Optimus Prime

While we went all out last year to celebrate Loving Day, this year we thought we would keep things simple. On Sunday, June 12th, we held a small picnic of friends and family of the Hafu Project to honor Loving Day, rejoice in each-others company, to say thanks to all those who have volunteered and put in hard work to help us get this far. Despite the some what gloomy forecast, we had a good turn out and a great time.

We wanted to celebrate these days for the following reasons:

1) Loving day is the day that mixed couples won the right to marry in the US in 1967. While this was never the case in Japan, we feel that as the children of mixed couples, we should celebrate that such prejudices and injustices were overcome. If anyone knows of anything similar in their own country, feel free to updated us.

2) A whole year has passed since we had our first preview screening event publicizing the production of this film.

3) We also wanted to mark this event as the beginning of the end of the production of the film. While we still have some filming left to do, Lara and I have decided that the time has come for us to begin editing.  This means we are shifting from making this film in our free nights and weekends, to making it full time. It’s both a scary and exciting time as we will be living off our savings over the six months necessary to complete the film. We hope we can count on your continued support.

Hope you had a great Loving Day!

Photos by Mike Connolly.