Thank you for your interest in “Hafu: the mixed-race experience”!

This 87 minute HD film raises awareness about the changing demographics of Japan and gives insight into the day to day experiences and identities of the Hafu- the Japanese term for those who are half-Japanese.

Sharing the film is the powerful way to inspire your community members by:

  • Generating a lively post-screening discussion with your audience about the mixed-race experience
  • Heighten awareness around the changing demographics of Japan
  • Providing a space for hafus (and their friends and families) to gather, watch the film and share stories afterwards.

Sharing the film is easy:
1. Purchase the “Hafu: the mixed race experience in Japan” Screening Kit.
2. Plan your event and send out invitations.
3. Show the film and lead a community discussion.

Each Screening Kit purchase includes the standard definition DVD of the film, a tip sheet on how to organize a screening, and a signed screening license to show the film once to the selected size group of people and a community discussion guide.

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