UC Berkeley Screening

April 23rd, 2013

Screening held on April 7 at UC Berkeley .

Here’s some feedback we received:

“I felt a sense of belonging to a bigger community which isn’t something I feel very often. Thank you for that gift.” – Angella

“Hoping this helps Japan open up to diversity more, and even aid in decreasing general bullying that arises from being any bit different from the norm.” – Misa I.

“Very moving film; emotionally resonant of lots of different levels. I think the sense of connection, of belonging to a group is very strong for mixed people.” – Ramon

“The documentary was phenomenal. I am half Japanese and it really struck an emotional cord in me. I was pretty teary eyed. Megumi and Lara created a documentary that is worth viewing whether you are mixed race or not. It will open the eyes of the world to the identity challenges of mixed race people.” – Kay M.

Photos by Jayson Carpenter

Directors Megumi and Lara

Winton our composer!