It wouldn’t be possible without you…

August 6th, 2010

With out the support of the following people this film would not be possible (this is a list that will be updated as the film progresses):

Adviser – Marcia Yumi Lise

Production – James Okubo, Joe Sacco, Sara Ai Coe

Graphic Design – Erika Nishizato

Motion Graphics – Ken Tanabe

Photography– Jayson Carpenter, Mike Connolly, Ryu Kodama

Composer – Winton White

Subtitles/Translation – Maxwell Powers, Chika Watanabe, John Knieriem

Transcription – Virginia Vaughn, Cynthia Shibata, Emi Ota, Sara Ai Coe, Mike Boyd

Event Support – Kris Roche, Chuck Sandy, Tender Armstrong, Love Drive, Kris Roche, We Are One International Parties

Special Thanks – Natalie Willer, Ken Graves, Duncan Williams, Lisa Inui, Winnie Inui, Miya Inui,Sue Conolly, Erin Sakikibara, Louise Kittakata, Nooshin Navidi, Jillann Spitzmiller

If you are interested in helping out the film and adding your name to this growing list please contact us! info <at>