Introducing Emi Ota…

agosto 12th, 2011

Meet Emi

Name: Emi Denise Ota

Mix: Father = Japan , Mother =Switzerland

Volunteering as: Transcriber

Birthplace: Tokyo

Time spent in Japan: Born in Japan and grew up in Japan, lived in England for 4 years

Your experience growing up as hafu: Very mixed reactions from people. Many people seemed to have a sort of admiration, jealousy, but at times I felt insecure of not belonging anywhere. Japanese people speak to me in English expecting that I don’t speak Japanese, but people in Switzerland would call me «the Japanese girl» although I am Swiss as well. I have been at immigration all over the world where immigration officers are puzzled by my Japanese passport.

Any changes as an adult?: I am grateful for the multicultural family I grew up in.

Why you are supporting the film?: I support this film because it shows different types of hafus, the specific emotions they may go through, struggles they may have. I also support this film since there have not been many documentaries on this subject. With globalization, the number of international marriages are increasing and hence there are more mixed raced people so I believe it is important to document this topic.

What do you hope is the outcome of the film? More awareness of Hafu-people.