Hafu Project in the Bay Area

3 26th, 2011

Photo by di_the_huntress

We hope that as the weeks and months go by we will be able to support the Tohoku relief efforts in a number of ways but in the spirit of picking up where we left off, we would like to announce that the Hafu Project will be coming to the Bay Area in California, USA next month.

The Hafu Project has been asked to participate in the Hapa Japan conference at UC Berkeley (April 8-9)!

While the film will have a small role to play in this year’s conference, our sister project will be exhibiting their photos and interviews and presenting their research.  A short trailer of the film will be show in the afternoon on April 9th at the conference and  Marcia and Natalie will be giving a guided tour of their photo/interview exhibit in the evening at New People. The conference is open to the public and you can find out the agenda here. Even if you can’t make the conference, the exhibition will continue from  April 9 until April 13, so Bay Area folks don’t miss out on this opportunity!

And in support of the Tohoku relief efforts, our sister project  is looking for sponsors to print catalogues for the photo exhibition at New People in San Francisco. ALL profit from the sales of the catalogues will go towards supporting those affected in the recent earthquake in Tohoku, Japan. Please leave a comment if you have contacts/connections to printing companies. Thank you!