Update on the Hafu Project Night

6 16th, 2010

Thank you to those who came out on June 12th to Las Chicas. We had an amazing turn out with over 125 people!

The evening began with a performance from comedic Hafu duo LOVEDRIVE. Jiro, who is half Scottish and Japanese, and Daigo, who is half Russian and Japanese, warmed audiences up with jokes about how they are often mistaken and treated as foreigners. I’m sure many in audience could relate to their experiences.

Marcia, Lara and I then gave a short presentation on the Hafu Book project and introduction to the film.  The room was packed by this time, and I was starting to worry if people in the back would be able to view the film over the crowd and the noise. But for the actual 13 minute preview of the film, people sat down and turned their attention to the begin screen as we turned the lights down low and started the film.

Finally, after a quick break, Nazhiha tantalized us with her sensual belly dancing.

Here ‘s a photo recap of the night:

Setting up the venue

People begin arriving

People begin arriving

Jiro and Daigo from LOVEDRIVE

Jiro and Daigo from LOVEDRIVE

Our presentation begins, Marcia first

Watching LOVEDRIVE perform

Watching LOVEDRIVE perform

LOVEDRIVE cracking Hafu jokes

Lara explaning the Oi Family's story

Nazhiha's sensually belly dance

David updates us on his ENIJE progress

Megumi, Lara, and Marcia

Overally, I think we are all incredibly pleased with how the night turned out. We wouldn’t be able to do this work with those who came and the funds raised will help us cover the expenses as we go forward in production. Thank you again to those you came.

Hopefully once we’ve shot more footage we’d like to do a sneak preview with the other participants in the film.