How we got started

3 20th, 2010

Since returning to Japan  three and half years ago, my day to day environment has forced me to  re-explore my Japanese and “hafu” identity. Last May while ambling around on Face Book, I came across the Hafu/Half Japanese project by Marcia Yumi Lise and Natalie Willier.

The Hafu Japanese project examines both the physical features and identities of individuals who are of mixed Japanese decent. Thus far Marcia and Natalie (also hafus) have been photographing and interviewing hafus living in both the UK and in Japan.

My finding of their face book fan page coincided with their announcement of coming to Japan to implement their project here.  I contacted Marcia and let her know I was interested in her project, less from a participation perspective, and more to offer my services as a filmmaker.

Over the past several months, we’ve worked together to film various events of the Hafu Japanese project, an on-the-street interview and a potential promotional video.  But it was truly last November, when Marcia approached me with the idea of making a feature length film that this project picked up momentum.

Since graduating from film school in 2002, I have been searching for a subject that would captivate me enough for me to put in the commitment that take in producing a feature length film. I’m excited about this project. I feel that so many things have aligned  in my life to make this film happen. I’m excited for the journey that I am embarking on.