International Community Screenings

10 18th, 2013

Why should I screen “Hafu: the mixed-race experience ” in my community?

-Generate a lively post-screening discussion with your audience about the mixed-race experience
-Heighten awareness around the changing demographics of Japan
-or providing a space for hafus (and their friends and families) to gather, to watch the film and share stories afterwards.

How much does it cost to rent the film, or have the filmmakers or the Hafus portrayed in the film appear?
The fee for renting the film for a screening depends on how many people you expect to attend. In addition to a film rental fee, if you would like those featured in the film and/or the filmmakers to be a part of your event, there will be an appearance fee plus the cost of travel from Japan.

1 – 50 JPY 15,000 (approximately U$150)
51 – 100 JPY 25,000 (U$ 250)
101 and up 300 JPY 50,000 (U$ 500)

Payment can be made through PayPal or international bank transfer.

Where is my money going?

All of the proceeds from our sales go directly into paying our staff, covering expenses, and distributing it to you. As independent filmmakers, we rely on your support to keep producing great documentaries and making them available to the public.

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