Meet Lisa H…

12 7th, 2011

Lisa is a 4th year student at Temple University Japan and has been interning with us since September. It’s great having her come into the office for a few hours every other day to help us with transcribing, logging footage and random production assistant duties. Thank you Lisa for all your help!

Name: Lisa Marina Hayamizu

Background: I was born in raised in Japan, but was raised on a American Military Base so I grew up in a mixed community. My parents are Japanese but I  grew up having both Japanese and American citizenship.

 Why did you get involved in this project: I have a brother and a sister who are half Japanese and half American. We have different fathers and I heard about their experience living in Japan being different from the rest of society. They live in the States now but they always tell me how they feel like they came out of a very small cage.

I am 100% Japanese by blood but I never went to Japanese School nor lived in Japanese society. I went to school on US military base and lived most of my life on base. I have the feeling that I am both Japanese and American but neither at the same time since I have never lived in a real Japanese/American community.

All my relatives are Japanese and they tell me how I am American and treat me differently from all of my other cousins. I feel a distance between my relatives having a different culture mixed into my system.

When I heard about this film, I felt really close because the experience that characters go through are similar to what I have experienced living in Japan.

What are your hopes for the film? I hope that many people will understand the fact that there are people in Japan who have different cultures despite they way  they look. With the fact of increasing international marriage, there are going to be many children with different roots growing up here.

Living in Japan with a different backgrounds may be difficult for Japanese people because of the “inside/ honne/本音” and “outside/tatemae/建前” way of being.  I hope that people will watch this film and have a different idea of what each person’s true nature is.