Checking in with the Ois

6 24th, 2010

Lara and I just returned from a quick weekend trip to Nagoya.

We wanted to catch up with Oi family and see how they are doing as it has been a few months since our first visit. Currently, Alex is in Mexico living with his grandparents, taking Spanish, English and Japanese lessons! Sara-chan has started second grade and seems to be enjoying the summer weather which has arrived to Japan. Gaby and Tetsu are well but missing their son. We were able to film the whole family gathered around their computer in the study chatting with Alex on skype.

We also had a small fundraiser party put on by one of the members of the Association for Foreign Wives, Erin Sakikabara. (Thank you Erin!) She opened up her lovely home and invited friends and acquaintances over for a few hours. Lara and I gave a short presentation about our intentions with the film and we screened 13 minutes of the film.

It was our first screening/fundraising party with parents and the q & A and discussion that lead afterward was really interesting. It seemed like the stories of the Oi family particularly resonated with the parents in the room and they too felt that this was a necessary film to be made and supported us by generously donating to our film production expenses. Thank you to those who came. Here are some photos from that night.

Megumi with Gaby Oi

Filmmakers Megumi and Lara

Party is getting started

Kids and babies were in attendance

Lara and Megumi giving their presentation

If anyone reading this is interested in hosting a small private gathering/discussion about the film and what it means to raise hafu children, please get in touch! info(at)