Perk: The Musician

11 9th, 2011

In the course of making this film, we have received emails from many people offering their support. On occasion we hear from a music artist, who’s willing to compose a song for our film or perform at one of our events.  Since our indiegogo campaign is online, some of the artist have generously donated their CD albums to our campaign.

Read about them and listen to samples of their music!

Danny Katz (


80s flavored folk-pop. The prodigal son of Coldplay and The Indigo Girls, Danny is currently touring to promote “Japanese Satellites,” his seventh studio album. Proficient in guitar, piano and jiuta-shamisen, Danny entertains audiences throughout the U.S. and Japan with unique covers, such as a folk version of Missy Elliot’s “Work It,” and his originals, which cover topics from the quirky to the hopelessly romantic. While he recorded a comedy album, “More Than Meets the Ear: Sections from Transformers the Musical,” in 2007, “Japanese Satellites” is his first major project since 2006’s “Strangely Beautiful.”

The Postal ServiceやColdplayなどと並ぶ才能を持つダニー・キャッツは7枚目のスタジオ・アルバム「Japanese Satellites」をリリース。
ギターとピアノに堪能なダニー・カッツはMissy Elliotの「Work It」などの曲をフォークソングにしてユニークなカバーソングを演奏。個性的でロマンティックなオリジナル曲と共にアメリカ中の人々を魅了する。
2007年、コメディーアルバム「More Than Meets the Ear: Sections from Transformers the Musical」をレコーディング。
「Japanese Satellites」は2006年の「Strangely Beautiful」以来の最新アルバム・リリース。

Watch Danny’s official music video of Sacramento off his album Japanese Satellites to get a taste of his music.



Emi Evans (

is a British freelance singer, composer, and songwriter who has been living in Tokyo since 2000. London born and Nottingham bred with a Japanese mum and an English dad, Emi grew up playing the cello, singing in church choir, and writing songs on the piano.

She is part of Freescape which was formed in 2003. Employing a slightly elusive style of UK chill out, soaring melodies and sensitive vocals, freesscape now operate under their own label, freesscape music where they are creating hard to promote emotionally honest, uninhibited music.


2003年よりfreesscape(フリースケープ Emi Evans Hiroyuki Muneta) は東京を拠点にユニーなアンビエントと聴き手の心を捉える音楽の世界をクリエイトしている。スタート当初は試行錯誤の連続であった彼らだが、各々の音楽キャリアを積み重ねる中で自らのスタイルを模索。


Play the video to have a listen to Emi’s unique style.




Avant Garde

 is a club pop duo with a dual existence as one of J-Pop’s top go-to teams. Vocalist and songwriter Uchida, the daughter of a caucasian mother and Japanese father, spent most of her life in the United States, where she studied classical piano and sang in the Seattle Symphony Chorus before returning in her late 20s to Japan to pursue music.Avant Garde makes music that runs the stylistic gamut – from electronica to ballads to jazzy numbers.


Cold Feet(

is a band duo that features composer/vocalist LORI, the daughter of an American clinical psychologist father and Japanese harp-playing mother.Their music consists of a unique and inventive sound that retains the appeal of pop while embracing the bite of new wave, jazz and rock.

COLDFEETはアメリカ人の心理学者を父、そして琴の演奏者である日本人を母に 持つオレゴン生まれのコンポーザー兼ヴォーカリストのLori Fineが、プロデューサー/ベーシスト/プログラマーとして豊富なキャリアを持つ Watusiを共通の友人を通じて紹介されたところからスタートしている。エキゾチシズムを備えたツイステッドな音楽や、Sam RaimiやDavid Lynchの描く世界観などといった共通の価値観をお互いに見出し、LoriとWatusiはグループを結成、比類のない官能的かつファンタジックなCOLDFEETの世界がスタートした。


So for a contribution of $25 you will get one of their CDs, plus the Hafu Project booklet.  Please support these hafu artists!