Introducing Tender Armstong…

10 12th, 2010

Our sneak preview event in Kyoto is less than two weeks so this week we are introducing one of the artists who will be supporting the film with her beautiful voice.

Meet Tender Armstrong… (listen to her tracks by clicking on the link below)


Introducing Tender..


Name: Tender Love Armstrong
Mix: Father=USA, Mother=Japanese
Expertise: Singer:  since 2000- present
Birthplace: Kyoto
Time in Japan: About 20 years

Experience as a hafu:
I was born in Japan but have been in and out of the country since I was a baby. I never really felt I was Japanese or hafu even though I grew up mostly in Japan. So for the most part, my life here has been that of a foreigner .I have 4 other siblings and we all had very different stories. My youngest brother is pretty much Japanese and has been accepted as a national in school and socially (he looks like Kimu Taku , so that might have something to do with it .LOL ). My sister on the other hand had a rough time in Japanese public school. My other 2 brothers and I were home schooled here because we didn’t speak any Japanese when my parents returned to settle down in Japan. So just with in my family there is a vast difference with our experiences.

Although I did try frustratingly try to become Japanese and fit in like every one else, the fact remained that people saw me differently. As I became more aware of who I was I learned to accept it and that really helped me to cope with the oddity of being a hafu here.

Any changes as an adult:
The only change now is that I am a single mother. My daughter is a quarter Japanese. She goes to Private Japanese Yochien .
I feel that Japan doesn’t accept single mother’s lifestyle as much as they do in the west. So it’s been a challenge for me having to learn how to balance my art and work into the school social life of being a mother in Japan.
As far as my daughter ………. Well she is a foreigner here and will never be seen as a mix.

Why are you supporting the film?
When I first heard about a group for hafus I was really excited. I don’t know many hafus especially in my age bracket. Most of the hafus I see are children.
So it was both weird and relieving to know there was a group of other adult hafus bringing attention to the diversity issue.
Society now is so much more global then before, so I think it is really important for not only Japan but the rest of the world to embrace diversity and other cultures, nationalities and lifestyles as one in the same.

I have always thought the arts  to be a universal language. I have played music with and met people from opposite sides of the planet at my gigs and it’s always been such a great experience . The beauty with being able to do music or any form of art for that matter is that through art you are able to communicate to others with out words no matter where you are from or what back ground you have ,social status or lifestyle . It’s a collaboration of universal energy, giving and receiving .Its brilliant.

What do you hope is the outcome of the film?
After seeing the film if we could see societies, people, culture with an open mind and accept things we think are different as just another piece to our existence as a whole, I think that would be a beautiful thing.

To learn more about Tender and to listen to her sing visit here.