Thank you Kyoto! 京都ありがとう!

10 30th, 2010

Thanks to all those who attended the Kyoto preview screening. It was a great success with over 70 people in attendance! A big thanks to We are One Parties, Institut Franco-Japonais du Kansai, the musicians, and the volunteers who helped make it a great night.
Here’s a photo review of the night.

京都のプレビューイベントにお越しいただいた皆様ありがとうございます。70人以上出席し、イベントは大成功でした。 We are One、関西日仏館、ミュジシャンの方々、ボランティアの皆様に感謝いたします。以下の写真をご覧になったらイベントの様子がお分かりなると思います。

Getting ready for the event

Lara and Megumi doing a tech check of the video

People arriving!

Sara our fanstatic Hafu project volunteer!

Opening message from IFJK vice-director Jean Philippe

Tender Armstrong, Paul and Ken warmed the audiences up with their opening set.

The presenation begins!


Ed presents about Mixed Roots Kansai

Megumi and Lara

Marcia answers questions from the floor

Kris Roche closed the night with a rocking performance!